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« What you are doing? It is the others who speak the best of it. « However, the contribution of strategic analysis is sometimes difficult to explain a businessman. Except when the businessman himself explains it.

« What is understood can be explain, and words to say it come easily« , a French poet used to say. If we were to reward last month’s best column, no doubt that we would reward Bruno Chomel, digital director of the B2C activity 3SI group.

In a few sentences reported by Le Monde Informatique, a French newspaper, the man explains both the interest of strategic analysis for an international company like 3SI and the way to let the data do the talking.

The reason we feel concerned by this column is fairly simple : strategic analysis is the heart and soul of our training. And because all the world’s Big Data are nothing if no one can understand what is at stake for the Company.

However, one thing should be pointed out : strategic analysis is not the exclusive privilege of blue chips operating overseas. The strategy is now the captain’s map : a guide to show the way and reach destination as soon as possible. Too many French companies (small or not so small) abandon the strategy, considering that the economic crisis forbid any planning.

But, as Seneca used to say, « No favorable wind blows when you have nowhere to go« . Thinking about strategy means anticipating the medium / long range term to manage the short range term more easily.


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